Starbucks apologizes for using bathroom water in China

Starbucks Corp. officials in China said they’re sorry they were using water from a rest room at a Hong Kong location.

Starbucks employees at the Hong Kong Bank of China location were reportedly using water from a tap near a urinal at the location for more than a year because there wasn’t a water supply at the location.

After reports surfaced that employees were using rest room water, Starbucks brought bottled water to use at the location, and also apologized.

“We fully recognize that the location of the source was entirely unacceptable. We sincerely apologize for failing to meet our own high standards and the high expectations of our customers,” said Jinlong Wang, senior vice president and president of Starbucks Asia-Pacific, in a statement.

Ben Miller
Contributing Editor- Puget Sound Business Journal

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I’m glad I was not eating anything or drinking from STARBUCKS reading this article lol. That’s just gross! I wonder what people in the states are going to think now when they see someone coming out the toilet at a Starbucks?

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