Is Tube Launch (TubeLaunch.com) a scam or legit?

Upload videos on YouTube and Make Money?

Is this the latest SCAM in making Money Online? NO, Tube Launch is totally legit! Julie Williams Tube Launch Review Having signed up with the site months ago, I can pretty much say it’s a great way to have fun and earn money online! The site gives a wide variety of information on how to generate traffic to your YouTube videos. This knowledge alone can be very value especially in video marketing!

I’m not going to bore you with a long review but I will give you a quick summary of what you need to know about this site and how it works!


Quick Review:

Setup cost: about $30 but I literally made that about $60 in about 24 hours after I signed up!

You get paid to post videos on YouTube for various companies!

Big companies need people to post videos about their companies to help their various marketing campaigns

It’s really simple to post videos because they give you step by step instructions

Teaches you how to get in contact with these companies

The companies will play you to download their videos and post it on youtube

They are not going to pay you each time you post a video on youtube

Only con is you got to bring traffic to the videos!

However, they will teach you how to to get your videos on the top of Google and YouTube searches

perfect for a new person learning video marketing!

No Risk: 100% Money back guarantee!

Website Link: Tube Launch