Sony says it won’t abandon the PlayStation 3 after the PlayStation 4 launches?

“Fear not PlayStation 3 owners, Sony has confirmed that it has no plans to abandon its current console when the PlayStation 4 launches this holiday season for $399.


Sony Japan president Hiroshi Kawano and Sony Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida revealed in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu, translated by Kotaku, that support for the PlayStation 3 will continue indefinitely and the company has “no intention of immediately shifting from the PS3 to the PS4.” Kawano noted that after seven years the console continues to “sell at a constant pace,” adding that there are also many upcoming titles are for the system.” – According to Dan Graziano (BGR)

This is a good notion if that holds true but I never believe that the console developers have a real say on whether the system truly continues or not. Sure they need to continue updates to keep the system operating with the latest bugs as well as online support, but I think the real longevity of the old systems depend mostly on the game developers like EA and Activision and more. If those companies slowly stop making games for the old system, then the system is basically toast. The good news for gamers is that these companies do not seem like they are ready to cut production on new games for the old systems and go straight to the new gen systems. I for one hope this is the case because I am not sure I will be getting the new system until there are more games actually using the full capabilities of the next gen systems. I am not interested in seeing next gen port games from the former systems. With that being said, some of the new games like Watch Dogs really makes me re-think my decision about not pre-ordering a next gen system.