Student suspended for asking Miss America out!

Student suspended for asking Miss America out!You have to like the boldness about this kid! Apparently a few days ago a kid was told not to ask a guest to the prom at a Pennsylvania school during an event. Not surprising, the kid did not listen and asked anyway!

The kid would later admit that he was too far committed to change his mind when he asked the guest. So who was this guest that the student couldn’t resist to ask? It is the current Miss America, Nina Davuluri, and she’s now asking the school district to reconsider the punishment of 18-year-old Patrick Farves who is a student at Central York High School in Pennsylvania.

The kid asked her to prom during the question-and-answer portion during her visit. Some students cheered while others laughed when Farves asked the question. As the event closed, Farves would later be suspended for misbehaving.

According to The York Dispatch, Nina Davuluri posted a statement on the Miss America Organization’s Facebook page encouraging the Central York High School to rethink the three-day in-school suspension.

As for the answer to kid’s initial request, Davuluri says her travel schedule will prevent her from attending the dance with Farves. Thus, the kid got rejected and is still without a date and now suspended. However, he has gotten some new Facebook and Twitter followers because of this whole ordeal.

To be fair, school officials knew what the kid was up to and warned him not to ask her.

Farves later apologized for disrupting the event. By the way, Davuluri was there to talk about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math studies.

Do you think the school was fair to to suspend the kid? I happen to think so because he was warned not to ask but you have to give it to the kid for having the guts to ask Nina to the prom in front of his classmates and risk rejection!

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