Is Instant Rewards (InstantRewards.net) a scam?

Instant Rewards Review

Is Instant Rewards (InstantRewards.net) a scam?If you have landed on my blog this means you were probably doing a search on Google or Bing looking to find out if Instant Rewards is a scam?

Instant Rewards is basically the same as My Cash Freebies and ZNZ. These programs basically mirror each other. So the Review for this is going to be the same as the other programs.

Is Instant Rewards a scam?

The answer is clearly no! Instant Rewards is truly legit company! However, I am not going to pretend that there aren’t any cons to the programs. As for the pros, they pay daily and you don’t have to sell anything to make money! You can make anywhere from $25 to $1000 in a day depending on how many people you can get to join the program. The best part of Instant Rewards to me is you don’t have to fill out surveys or do MLM to make money! Moreover, you don’t need to create a blog, website or learn SEO! There are also systems like this blog’s one that can help generate leads for you to make cash! Instant Rewards is The 1 2 3 Step System we use on this blog to help people who are not internet wizards to make money online! So as you can tell my opinion on Instant Rewards may be a little bias but what I am saying is true. If you have done any real search on Google, it’s very hard to find people speaking negative about Instant Rewards ! The people who seem post negative stuff about Instant Rewards do not really understand how it works. I am not talking about people who have moved on from Instant Rewards because they want more leverage or bigger profits!

Now the only major con I see with Instant Rewards is that you have to have a credit card to get started. You are not required to buy anything but you need a card to try a trial offer to get your 1.00 credit requirement. I label this as con because most people do not want to use there credit card. That’s the only issue with getting leads with Instant Rewards . However, you should keep in mind that if you do you one offer you are now able to get paid $20 for each person you refer and if you join Instant Rewards Double, you can make $30 per referral So using your credit card just for a free trial to something like “gamefly.com” doesn’t sound like a big deal now does it? There is also strategies in our sytem to bring traffic to your Instant Rewards account to make you earn money. I know this sounds like its too good to be true, but for some people this can really be that good. It all depends on how motivated you are to make money. It’s really that simple! If you are interested in joining Instant Rewards click here!

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