Twitter now has the mute button!

Twitter now has the mute button!Twitter now has the mute button!

Twitter announced that they are adding the “mute” feature to its popular social media platform. This button will temporarily eliminate people from feeds which will prevent tweets or SMS notifications. However, you will still be able to keep those people in your favorites, but you won’t be able to see their stuff in your feeds or receive SMS messages from them!

According to Alyssa Bereznak, Tech Columnist for Yahoo News, “This update is part of a steady stream of changes Twitter has implemented in a recent attempt to make its service more appealing to a wider audience. Others include more image-heavy profile pages, pinned tweets, and the ability to share multiple photos in one tweet.”

I am not sure this is a positive or negative thing. Sure the mere idea that you can mute people that annoy you sounds good on the surface but on the downside a person can do this to you and you will have no idea that they have done this to you. You might be sending them thousand tweets not knowing they have put you in their dog house.

However, I think people that constantly spam tweets in a person’s timeline will have to be extra careful because of this new feature. Now there spam might be only seen by them. Now people who follow people just get more followers and people that follow individuals just to spam them with annoying tweets now have to be careful not to be placed in the mute pound!

Of couse, this could be great if you have this person in your timeline that’s you just want a break from. Just like with friends offline, you just need a break from them. Anyway, what is your thoughts on this new feature from Twitter?