Video game sales for digital off in September!

Video game sales slowed in the digital department in September after surging a few months before! Video games

It was not surprising that there would be a dip in sales before the holiday months.

Gamers also did not download as much games in September. In fact, video game downloads were down almost 14 percent for Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

It will be interesting to see how Call of Duty’s Infinite Warfare does with its coming release in November with digital sales. Infinity Ward’s latest first-person shooter is estimated to be around 44.6 gigabytes.

Also, other game publishers are maximizing their profits by pushing new content for old titles. Activision Blizzard first-person shooter “Destiny” was a prime example with $59.1 million in revenue their new expansion pack in September!

It’s going to be interesting to see how gaming companies market digital sales verses traditional games these upcoming holiday months. The big retail stores will probably be pushing the traditional games because of the flexibility of which they are able to sale the games. Most digital games are bought through the console which normally leaves out the big retail stores.