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Twitter now has the mute button!

Twitter now has the mute button! Twitter announced that they are adding the “mute” feature to its popular social media platform. This button will temporarily eliminate people from feeds which will prevent tweets or SMS notifications. However, you will still be able to keep those people in your favorites, but you won’t be able to […]


Stillman College might be a standard in disgusting?

If this is true, I could not stay on this campus’s dorm no longer than 2 minutes. According to several new reports students attending Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama have been subjected to disgusting living conditions in the school’s housing. They students claim to have made several complaints such as pointing out missing or deteriorating […]


Apple bringing the iWatch this fall?

Can you imagine an iPhone or iPad on your wrist? Sounds pretty cool right? Well, Apple could make this true this fall. Rumors have them working on something called an iWatch. There’s been no indication on the possible specifications on device nor its capabilities, but knowing Apple it would definitely be ground breaking! Apple is […]


Guy Gets Busted For Calling Tech Support!

This is something I always thought could happen and it did. Apparently a guy needed tech support on his computer, so he called Apple’s tech support team. They got him all squared away and sent him a thank you email. Sounds good right? The problem is the email was sent to the real owner, Mike […]


McDonald’s fights the breakfast war with free coffee? Really, lol?

In the ongoing fast-food breakfast war with rival Taco Bell, McDonald’s announced Friday that it will offer customers nationwide a free cup of McCafe coffee for two weeks! Sounds amazing doesn’t it? My thoughts exactly! Anyway, McDonald’s announce that they will give breakfast customers a free 12-ounce small coffee. However, your local McDonald’s location will […]